Hi, I'm Molly

I'm a PDX based ceramic artist that focuses on making functional artwork. I believe that art should be accessible to all people, all the time, and that handmade functional ceramic wares provide just that. I have a background in both fine art and interior design but have decided to spend my days working with (and covered in) clay. My work is inspired by the beautiful floating rock we call home, from the earth below us to the stars above and everything in between.

My Studio

I may love to explore and travel, but I'm a homebody through and through and have converted our second living space into a fully functioning ceramics studio. I do everything from throw on the wheel to package up your orders in this cozy space and simply walk into my garage to load and unload my kiln. Working in a small space within my home has led to my small batch ceramics approach. I work on small, seasonally theme based collections that are added to my shop every 6-8 weeks.